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Bar Stools

We carry a great many barstools in-stock, for indoor and outdoor use. However, to get the perfect style, color, size, fabric and comfort; we are able to special order thousands of different stools.

So, what should you think about before even coming in? Let’s start with seat height and quantity. We have bars set up in our store, so that you can try different stools next to them. Our Design Center is built at bar height (41 inches) and short counter height (33 inches) to help you judge.

Download a PDF of this chart
After you know what height you need and how many will fit in your space, it’s time to think about style and color. If getting your bar stools fast is important, we have a good in-stock selection of both metal and wood frame models. If you are willing to wait a bit (2-8 weeks) we can lay the world of bar stools at your feet!! Maple, cherry, oak or steel for your frame. Vinyl, leather, game-themed jacquards, or chenille for your seat cover. Also, for your outdoor needs, we stock several bar height dining sets for 2, 4 or 6 people. Again, through special orders, you can get whatever combination of features your heart desires!!

The Design Center also features multiple lighting sources so that you can choose the colors in the same type of light that you will be using when you see your barstool at home. We can offer regular home-type incandescent lighting, halogen spotlights (as used in track and recessed lighting), flourescent cool white (as used in many stores, offices, workshops and kitchens) and artificial daylight (the color of natural sunlight).

To accompany your bar stools, you can get tables (wood or glass) for dining or small pub style tables to watch over the action on your pool table. Pub tables can be round, square or triangular and are meant to hold drinks and snacks rather than a big meal.


“Our bar stools and furniture are outstanding.”
R.L., Antrim, NH

“Wide variety of merchandise. Good pricing.”
Jane R., Amherst, NH