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SABER’s Infrared Cooking System 

You don’t have to be a chef to cook like one – even the first time you fire up a SABER grill.  You may have heard about infrared (IR) grills.  Maybe you even have one.  But not one like this. Sabor Food Pics

SABER infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference.  It keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well done.  Mistakes like overcooking or charring a piece of meat will be a thing of the past!


Infrared vs. Traditional Convective Cooking Systems 

Both systems start with gas-powered burners.  A traditional convection gas grill uses circulating hot air, like an oven, to cook.  Hot air circulates around the food, which can dry out the natural moisture in steaks, chicken, and hamburgers.  When grease drips through the open grate, it causes flare-ups that add flavor, but can char the meat and create big temperature fluctuations.

An infrared (IR) grills works differently.  Most IR grills use expensive ceramic emitters to convert heat from a gas-powered burner into radiant heat.  Because of the open grate design, these grills cook with a combination of radiant heat and convective heat.  This combination can be problematic for several reasons.  Ceramic IR cooking systems are highly effective at searing food because they burn extremely hot.  However, it is almost impossible to vary the temperature and burning your meal is a frequent result.  Flare-ups are also a common problem due to the open grate and burner design.  Due to their open port design, ceramic IR burners clog with grease and food debris.  As they become more sensitive to thermal shock and temperature change and can easily crack causing performance issues and costly maintenance.

SABER® Grills Infrared Cooking System – A Better Barbecue™ Every Time!

Saber Infrared 

The juiciest, Most Mouth-watering Meals You’ve Ever Cooked

SABER® grill’s exclusive and patented Infrared cooking system generates 100% Infrared heat.  Radiant heat, unlike convection heat use by traditional gas grills, directly cooks your food.  Convection cooking relies on hot, dry air and can reduce food’s natural moisture content.  Our patented Infrared cooking system directs airflow away from the cooking surface, locking the food’s natural moisture, producing moister, more juicy results.

Flare-ups Have Been Eliminated

The unique, patented design of SABER® grill’s cooking grate and IR emitter prevents flare-ups that char meat and create dramatic temperature fluctuations.  Instead, our exclusive system vaporizes any drippings and adds natural smoke flavor to grilled food.  Since liquids and debris are prevented from reaching the burner system, maintenance and clean-up are much easier.

304 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Burners, Emitter, and Grates

304 commercial grade corrosion resistant stainless steel is used in the construction of SABER® burners, IR emitters, and cooking grates, guaranteeing years of worry-free cooking enjoyment.

Highly Fuel Efficient and Reduced Gas Usage

BTUs have nothing to do with cooking performance, but everything to do with how often you refill your propane tank or the size of your gas bill.  SABER® grill’s Infrared cooking system is designed with fuel efficiency in mind.  Our patented IR cooking system uses Infrared’s longer energy wave to more effectively and efficiently cook food, locking in moisture and reducing cooking times.  You can now cook faster with fewer BTUs, reducing your gas consumption by 30%.  That makes it good for both your wallet and the environment.


SABER® Infrared Grill Performance vs The “Competition” 


SABER’s Infrared Cooking System

Saber Better_Technology


What’s the Science Behind SABER IR Technology?

That great-looking piece of meat you’re about to cook is surrounded by a layer of air and water molecules that don’t move around very much.  This boundary layer forms a protective barrier, locking in the meat’s natural moisture.  The hot air in a convective grill can evaporate that protective layer and dry out the meat as it cooks.

But radiant (infrared) heat works differently.  The essence of SABER’s IR system is a stainless steel emitter with a unique “peaks and valleys” structure placed between the gas-powered burner and the cooking grate.  As the burner heats the emitter, radiant heat is created in the form of invisible wave energy.  Instead of heating the air, it transfers directly to the food, where it is absorbed without disturbing the boundary layer.

No More Flare-Ups

With traditional convective and ceramic IR grills, flare-ups occur frequently as grease ignites, adding flavor, but charring food.  SABER’s patented IR system eliminates this problem.  When grease drops onto the SABER IR emitter, the peaks and valleys create an oxygen-free zone that won’t allow flames to erupt .  Instead, grease is vaporized, adding to the natural flavor of the meat and making cleanup much easier.

Without flare-ups, SABER’s IR system creates controlled even heat across the entire grate.  No more hot or cold spots to frustrate the cook.

Efficient, Even Heat

SABER grills cook food more quickly with less energy.  That’s because IR is more efficient at what engineers call “coupling to the food.”  IR directly heats the meat on the grate, not the spaces in between the meat.  In a convective grill, the hot air takes the path of least resistance and flows around and between the food on the grate.  So it takes longer to cook, and consumes more gas.  By contrast, SABER delivers high performance with few BTUs so you use 30% less gas and need less frequent fill-ups.


Traditional Gas Grill

Saber Traditional Convective Convective airflow dries out food while cooking.

Hot and Cold spots – uneven cooking temperatures across the cooking surface.

Uncontrolled and high volume airflow increases flare-up opportunities.

Significant heat fluctuation occurs when lid is opened and closed.

Maintenance requirements are increased due to burners and burner tents being exposed to grease and other liquids.



Ceramic Infrared Grill

Sabor Ceramic InfraredSuper high temperatures are more likely to char food than thoroughly cook.

Narrow and very difficult to control range of temperatures.

Ports on ceramic infrared burners have a tendency to become clogged with food debris and grease causing poor cooking performance and potential grease fire.

Ceramic emitters are susceptible to cracking due to thermal shock.

Uncontrolled and high volume airflow increases flare-up opportunities.

Maintenance requirements are increased due to ceramic emitters exposure to grease and other fluids.


SABER® Grills:  Built Stronger to Last Longer

 saber better_construction


Better Construction 

  • Not all stainless steels are created equal.  Stainless steel used in SABER® grills is guaranteed to be 304 Commercial Grade.
  • No flex lid design ensures years of smooth operation.
  • Built-in tilt storage for warming rack.
  • Burner boxes, firebox liners, and grease trays are porcelain coated for easy cleanup.
  • Fully welded 1” steel tube frame (both cart and firebox) provides superior strength and stability.
  • SABER® grills are certified to the highest safety and performance standards available, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Streamlined assembly process – means you’re grilling sooner with a SABER® grill.
  • Easily change fuel sources from propane to natural gas, or for built-in grills from natural gas to propane, using our patented EX NG or EZ LP conversion kit.  (sold separately).


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* All warranties are limited, and are available in the store for your inspection.

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