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Welcome / About Us

Seasonal Specialty Stores of Amherst, New Hampshire is an independent, single store offering the highest possible level of products and services to customers living within 100 miles of Amherst, New Hampshire.  Our legal name is Gull Group, Inc. We are licensees of the federally registered trademark Seasonal Specialty Stores ®, but we are not owned by Seasonal Specialty Stores, nor are we owned by any other of the licensees. We were founded by Dennis and Jeanne, shown here with their Boston Terriers, Vito and Valentine.  Now that Jeanne has passed, we are owned by Dennis.  We provide the most professional, knowledgeable, honest, sales and service staff possible. Three of us were here in 1981! This allows us to help you choose the best product or service for your needs-and to stand behind it in the future. We can repair a hot tub, re-build a motor, re-felt a pool table, refurbish a cue, replace a liner, repair a filter, and handle a warranty claim on every product that we carry—and many that we do not carry! By remaining busy year-round, we are able to avoid seasonal layoffs. We keep intelligent staff members challenged, motivated, and interested in their work. We require all sales and service staff to attend at least 40 hours per year of classroom training. Our owners and buyers work on the sales floor, so that you and the rest of the staff have direct access to the most current information. Prices are guaranteed, in writing, for 30 days and 300 square miles. And that means from when you buy your product until 30 days after you take it and even if we put your item on sale. The details and fine print are posted right next to the cash register for everyone to see.


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