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Rental Equipment

Why buy it if you only need it once in a while?

  • Air Compressor, with winterization adapters
  • Apollo Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Apollo Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Concrete Drill (for Safety Covers)
  • Cover Pump – Water Wizard, 1250 GPH
  • Cyclone, 3 hp Blower/liner vac
  • DE80 Inground DE Filter (no guarantee)
  • Dome Removal Tool
  • Drain Jet, up to 1 1/2″, Canvas
  • Drain Jet, up to 2 1/2″, Black rubber
  • Electric Space Heater (for spa emergencies)
  • Fabric Sample Each*
  • Furniture – Sling Removal Tool*
  • Intellichlor Spacer Cell
  • Jet Wand (for cartridge or Perflex cleaning)
  • Leaf Canister – Large
  • Leaf Sweep Leaf Remover
  • Metal Sample, Each*
  • NS48 Portable Service Filter** (Plus Mileage.  May include clear water guarantee)
  • Pool Block
  • Pool Site Measuring Kit*
  • Rust Stone
  • Sharkline Pool Installation Video*
  • Skimmer Repair Dam and pump, for skimmer and lights
  • Stain Master
  • Suction Tester, 1 1/2″
  • Super Vacuum Pump System
  • Swatch Book*
  • Wheeled Flex Vacuum Head
  • Wood Sample, Each*


We require a credit card deposit for one day’s rental, even if it is a no charge loan as described below. We may also charge that card for additional rental, late fees, and damages.  Rental fees will be credited towards the purchase of the rental item if a purchase is made within 24 hours of rental.

**NS48 Service Filter includes pick-up, delivery, and backwashing within 25 miles, plus $3.00/mile over 25 miles, and fuel surcharge when regular gas rises above $4/gallon.  Mileage is counted for pickup, plus delivery, plus each backwash.  It also requires an additional signed form:  NS48 Rental Additional Requirements.


*Short Term Loans

Following items may be loaned at no charge for the first 72 hours, then Rental Charges begin. If item is returned during the no charge loan period, the deposit will be credited back.

Fabric Swatch: Each

Wood Stain Sample: Each
Metal Sample:  Each

Fabric Sample:  Each
Pool Installation Video
Pool Site Measuring Kit



“Your video, advice and encouragement was as much appreciated as your aid in getting the Sharkline folks to replace the liner and siding.”
Al & Joan

“We want to thank you for all the help and guidance you gave us last summer with keeping our pool looking great.”
Gary & Lynn, Derry, NH